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TaskKlock users offer these comments.

Barry Nadin,
Orlando, FL

"I need TaskKlock. There’s only me here so I’m often interrupted in my work. Because of the ease of using the touch screen, I can switch from one task to another quickly and keep it all recorded.

"I’m not a record keeper. So if it weren’t for how easy it is for me to use TaskKlock, I would have no way to realize where I don’t make money. Now I can see where I’m not making money and so I’m able to address the problems. I can see my own inefficiencies and focus myself more on the tasks that I can actually bill for.

"I don’t keep stock lists in the shop. I just record the item in TaskKlock as I use it. Because this module is so easy to use I can track materials without any extra effort. Now I don’t have to keep everything in the back of my mind.

"I’ve been working on this entertainment center for two months. It seemed to me I was putting more hours into it than I estimated. But when I ran the ‘Job Time Report’ I could see that I had actually worked on this job only 120 hours. Now I know that I’m still below my estimate and by exactly how much. I’m now able to identify other jobs where I’ve not been accurate in my estimates and therefore not billing correctly for that type of job.

"Knowing precisely how long I spend on a job makes it easy for me to set my appropriate hourly rate. Before everything had been by the seat of my pants. Because I get most of the jobs I bid, I’ve wondered if I’m selling my work too cheaply. Now that I have the reports, I can justify my hourly charge with facts. Now I’m realizing my full potential based on actual data.

"My biggest issue about having employees is not being able to get the full benefit from them. With this system, any employee’s time is justified by what they’ve recorded in the system for any job. When I need extra help in my shop, using TaskKlock will be standard procedure for any employee from day one.

"TaskKlock offers me greater benefits than any program I could’ve bought off the shelf and the payment plan we arranged made it easy for me to afford TaskKlock with my cash flow."

Greg Diaz,
Millworx, Pacoima, CA

"Our labor costs are so low compared to the industry. Our whole emphasis is to invest in available technology that will shore up our workers."

"We job cost every thing we do whether it’s $500 or $5,000. Job costing to me is what drives this business. I get down to the very smallest component of my business and make sure that what I’m bidding is making money for me."

"We don’t build widgets, our work is all custom and usually different for every customer. So I need have empirical data because my costs change somewhat every job. In my opinion, historical data is everything. I can’t imagine a future for this business if I didn’t analyze the costs today. For example, I’m bidding a job for a bank branch and this particular job happens to be almost identical to a previous one. So, I can look at all my labor time on the last job to the nickel and know exactly what time and labor cost to expect."

"What TaskKlock does by finding out what the end user really needs and how the system can meet it is a great service."

"We don’t like overhead, we like billable time. The time it takes the workers to do their time sheets is taking them away from doing something else. The difference with TaskKlock is the numbers are accurate and in real time and I can eliminate a bunch of steps. I can eliminate the human error which is a huge part of keeping track of time."

"Now the workers need to think about what they’re doing on a job because they have to record their actual tasks in TaskKlock. Their paychecks now generate from their tasks, that is, from their billable time. The cost benefits are so obvious. I’m probably saving 5- 10 hours a week in productive time just with the payroll feature. So, TaskKlock paid for itself at 60 days easy in just payroll savings."

“We’re 8 months old and profitable, were in the black operationally, and we’ve used TaskKlock almost from the start. Customers come in and see this and are impressed. For example, we’re applying for a line of credit so some bankers are coming in and the TaskKlock workstation is one of their favorite stops. They love to see is that touch screen. They love the idea that the time data collection is all integrated in the work process. It makes dollars and sense to them. Here’s the labor costs, here’s how we track it, it’s accurate. It shows them we’ve got our game together in regards to money."

"I look at the other industries, like metal working or car manufacturing and see that manufacturing without state of the art technology is becoming obsolete. I really believe that the only way a wood shop is going to survive is if we embrace this technology."

"I’m a believer in technology. I hope I’m the only guy out there who finds out about TaskKlock because it gives me such a great advantage. I looked everywhere—online, trade shows, and there’s nothing else like it. Other systems were a little pricey and designed for a much larger space or for an office environment. I knew that workers won’t use a system unless its simple to operate. TaskKlock’s touch screen is really important to me. I didn’t want workers having to use a mouse or keyboard. TaskKlock does what it says it will do and that’s the most important thing. It has ease of use, the workers are able to grasp the concept. And since we had just spent a ton of money on machinery, your payment plan helped us a lot. There’s a lot of people who were brought up around woodworking and know the technology end who are evolving this industry. Labor costs are becoming so prohibitive to manufacturing, especially in California. If we don’t find a way to tighten labor costs by monitoring it using the technology that’s out there, we’re not going to be in business. It doesn’t matter what size a business is, if monitoring labor is cumbersome we must ask ourselves what we’re not doing instead to be making money with that time. For a smaller shop, because we juggle so many duties, it’s even more important to be using our time more effectively and incorporating as much automation as we can."

Debbie Hernandez,
Pegasi, Phoenix, AZ

"Finishing was all we really wanted to do because that was Tony's expertise. But we learned that designers wanted one-stop shopping. Everything goes back to integrity. We always want to give the client more than they expect. Everything hinges upon having accurate data to estimate from. It helps us to be more competitive. Without certain systems in place including TaskKlock, I believe this kind of growth would not be achievable. We need to set reasonable expectations and meet expectations every time."

"Without having this information, estimating is for nothing. I need hard, tangible data. That way I have clients who keep coming back. We could have used it three years ago when Tony and I hired our first employee." Tammy, "This program is unique because it understands our business. TaskKlock was built around the woodworking industry. What sold me was that it totally reflected what our issues were."

Tammy Grantham,
Pegasi, Phoenix, AZ

"We truly felt we had zero control over the manual system. It's simply not accurate. We were reinventing the wheel every single time. We'd recreate a week's activity in the morning payroll was due. It created this huge task for the workers. This system is so user friendly with workers just having to tap the screen. Now that we gather time information as workers initiate and complete tasks we get accountability, by having someone monitor the data rather than monitoring the workers."

"Using TaskKlock allows us to change procedures in the shop if some task is always taking too long. We can identify where our weaknesses are. We're now using job time budgets with the shop workers. If they beat that, they share in the extra profits. It gives them more ownership."

“Pegasi lives or dies by TaskKlock.”

Debbie Hernandez,
Pegasi, Phoenix, AZ

"We have the state of a art spray system and booth. TaskKlock is like any other piece of equipment. Not having TaskKlock would be the same as a craftsman trying to do his job without his tools.

"Our clients are impressed when they see the computers on the floor because they see we're keeping up with technology."

"We had 6 weeks to complete and install one half million worth of millwork. This job had a tremendous amount of overruns. Because of the fast track nature of the project, we weren't putting time and money together. Once we figured out what the overruns were, we knew we were going to need backup support. We were talking about a couple thousand hours worth a quarter million dollars. When we met with our client, our supporting documentation was all the TaskKlock reports printed out for the entire job. Job Report to document all subjobs, tasks and individual worker records. We knew we had everything we needed. If we didn't have TaskKlock, I don't know if we would have been able to depict our overruns. With TaskKlock it was just a matter of pushing a button. The number is the number. We felt confident walking into that meeting. We are a fair company. They paid."

John Fischer,
Oakland, CA

“You just made me $20,000 last week, Walter”

John Grothe,
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“TaskKlock is a great program. All my job reporting depends on it and I couldn't do it with any other program I have seen. I tell everyone about it.”

Peter DeChar,
Brooklyn, NY

“Our TaskKlock computer just died, how do we get it back running.” (This was after five years of using TaskKlock without ever needing or calling for any support.)