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Barry Nadin says, I need TaskKlock. There’s only me here so I’m often interrupted in my work. Because of the ease of using the touch screen, I can switch from one task to another quickly and keep it all recorded.

Job Cost, Time Tracking and Time Clock Software Made ATM Simple

Our goal is to give you good data and free up your time for bigger picture issues. We don’t want you to spend your time learning to be a software wizard. We want you to have a tool that’s easy to learn and use.

TaskKlock was created on the shop floor of Alaskan Wood Moulding in 2000. AWM’s owner, Mark Stearns, wanted a way to make his bids more accurate, and he was tired of hassling workers to accurately fill out timesheets. He and developer and master woodworker, Walter Erskine, created a touchscreen database timesheet that could be taught to his workers in minutes.

Immediately, Mark noticed that workers weren’t standing around for 10 minutes at the end of each day guessing on their timesheets. When he saw his profits increase after using TaskKlock to bid jobs, then Mark knew he was on to something. He kept adding features that solved his problems. Eventually, workers kept themselves busy, tracked their own time, and gave him accurate information at his fingertips. More profits. When his office worker commented on how fast it was to do payroll, Mark knew he had a winner and he formed TaskKlock.

Now TaskKlock is installed from Alaska to Florida and from Canada to California.

Since we are a job shop owner, that perspective is built into TaskKlock. We focus on personal service and listen to your needs. We struggled to reduce the startup concerns for those switching to TaskKlock. We developed a financing plan that doesn’t pinch your cash flow. Our developer is the tech support, so you talk with someone who can solve your problems. That feedback goes directly into updates.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please call Mark or Walter at (877) 962-2678.

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