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Prices for Job Costing Software and Employee Time Tracking

Prices, Terms and Conditions effective to 2/1/2013.
TK Job Coster Large Operation
Serves operations with more than 20 workers, licensed for 6 work stations

(includes free lifetime support)
TK Job Coster — 20
Serves up to 20 workers, licensed for 4 workstations

(includes free lifetime support)
TK Job Coster — 8
Serves up to 8 workers, licensed for 2 workstations

(includes free lifetime support)
TK Job Coster — 5
Serves up to 5 workers, licensed for 2 workstations

(includes free lifetime support)
TK Job Coster Stand-Alone
One Workstation, non-networked Edition

(includes free lifetime support)
Up to 8 Workers
Up to 20 Workers

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Fine Print

Note 1: TaskKlock does not provide computer hardware or networking in your facility. We need you to have computers installed and networked before we arrive to install and train. Any minimal retail computer you buy should be sufficient to run TK. You can budget about $500 for a computer, $200 for a touchscreen overlay, or $400–$1,000 for a touchscreen monitor. TaskKlock works fine with a standard keyboard and mouse in the office. We highly recommend touchscreens for the shop. Visit www.elotouch.com for the touchscreen monitor we use or www.magictouch.com or Google "touchscreen" for an overlay touchscreen. The computers may be Windows or Macintosh compatible.

Note 2: A TaskKlock Certified Technician/Trainer will come to your site to install TaskKlock, and to train you and your office and shop staff. Three 4-hour training and install sessions are included, so you need to schedule your people to participate. The on-site training is included with the purchase. The actual travel and per diem costs are not included and will be billed. You can budget about $1,000 for actual trainer expenses.

Note 3: Free Lifetime Support — a Taskklock Certified Technical/Trainer will be available by phone or internet Monday–Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to answer your questions. Internet-based one-on-one technical support is available through a browser based link that allows us to work directly with you on your computer in real time. All software updates for the current version are included, as well as support for transferring data between versions. In addition, we provide 10 hours of productivity and efficiency consultation from one of our experts (normal charge $250.00 per hour). You will need to have a high speed internet connection.

Prices, Terms and Conditions effective to 2/1/2013.