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Barry Nadin says, I need TaskKlock. There’s only me here so I’m often interrupted in my work. Because of the ease of using the touch screen, I can switch from one task to another quickly and keep it all recorded.


TaskKlock offers a wide selection of support for your time, task and activity tracking software. As business owners, we understand that the key to getting the most from a good tool is proper setup, simple use, and good training. TaskKlock has created a support program at each step to quickly move you through startup into earning savings on your investment in TaskKlock.

We included the basic startup and initial training in the price of your software (excluding travel costs) to get you started right away with no hidden add-on costs.

Startup Assistance – Our Jump Start Program

Included with your purchase of TaskKlock is technical support time to pre-load all of your custom tasks, jobs and employees, workers comp rates and other information into the system. You are asked to answer our Data Entry Survey, and we plug in the information. Your TaskKlock software is then customized for your shop.

Initial Training at Launch

Our staff will come to your shop and conduct 8 hours of initial training and installation as part of your TaskKlock purchase. We work with 3 sets of employees: Workers, Admin and Managers, and show each group how to use TaskKlock for their specific function. The actual travel costs are extra (see below) and will vary depending on where you are. Most companies do not require any additional training after this session is concluded.

Technical Support with Remote Access

When you need technical support, we use software to remotely fix your TaskKlock while you watch. Our technical support personnel are located in our TaskKlock and Alaskan Wood Moulding office in Anchorage.

Integration with Quickbooks and Accounting

We offer an add-on software package for integration with Quickbooks. This is a simple “export data” function. Your accountant and admin person can often use this function without our assistance.

Travel Costs

Our staff will come to your shop and conduct 8 hours of initial training and installation as part of your TaskKlock purchase. Actual travel expenses (without markup) are added to the price of new installation and any additional training. Per diem charges are up to $200/day plus coach refundable airfare from Anchorage, Alaska.