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Time Tracking and Time Clock Software Comparison

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Service ~ Affordability ~ Ease of Startup
Accurate, detailed data that's easily collected

  TaskKlock Tractivity Time Cards Fully Integrated System
Cost of software Average $20,000 ($800 - $34,995) Average $20,000 ($2,500 - $30,000) $200 and up $30,000 and up

Ease of installation 4 - 8 hours. Data comes pre-loaded 4 - 20 hours. Company data must be loaded 1 hour weeks

Ease of
10 minute training for workers 1/2 hr. training
for workers
Difficult - Need to create your own job cost system Heavy maintenance

Ease of operating All worker data on screen. No memorization required Workers must memorize job
& task numbers
Difficult - workers guess when filling out cards Heavy maintenance

Payback / Return on Investment 5 weeks (@ 15 min/worker/day) 9 weeks Never. Ongoing cost of inaccuracies and time spent guessing Months

Verification of jobs & input data Yes. Clear
display and
worker verification step for accuracy
Job numbers
are hard to remember. No verification step
Manager must verify Typically good

Ongoing technical support Friendly & supportive. Competitive advantage. Not a key
None Varies

Compares actual to estimate Yes No No Yes

Job Cost analysis with time & materials Yes No No Yes