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Barry Nadin says, I need TaskKlock. There’s only me here so I’m often interrupted in my work. Because of the ease of using the touch screen, I can switch from one task to another quickly and keep it all recorded.

Our Products

TaskKlock is a timesheet and materials software application that can be installed on any personal or tablet computer. Workers enter the data on the shop floor as they switch between tasks, so job cost data is collected in real time without additional expense. We recommend that you use touchscreen monitors for ease of training and accurate data entry. Whether you call it job cost software, timesheet software, or time clock software, TaskKlock gives you real time information without spending a lot on data collection.


TaskKlock is specifically designed to use touchscreen monitors for data input. Most of our clients prefer the touchscreen interface because training is simple. Touchscreens operate like normal monitors with the added feature of using your finger to “touch” a selection, or tapping it with your mouse. Touchscreen monitors cost around $200 to $600, depending on size and features. The time clock software is designed to work with either touchscreen or mouse.


TaskKlock comes ready to install on your personal computer. We are able to assist in the selection and purchase of any computer hardware, but we have found that it is less expensive and better for you to purchase directly from local suppliers. TaskKlock operates on Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems. [System Requirements]

Database Architecture

TaskKlock is built on the FileMaker® Pro database platform. This robust and popular application gives you flexibility for data migration and usage on a variety of devices. FileMaker® operates within the Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems.