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Barry Nadin says, I need TaskKlock. There’s only me here so I’m often interrupted in my work. Because of the ease of using the touch screen, I can switch from one task to another quickly and keep it all recorded.

Job Cost and Time Tracking Software Made ATM Simple

TaskKlock is a touchscreen-based software tool for tracking job costs, time and materials for small manufacturers, architects, engineers and other professionals and service providers. Our time clock software gives you an affordable, accurate, simple way to gather real-time data and do billings based on actual time and materials used on jobs.

These are our promises to you.

How Our Customers Make More Money

Barry Nadin, Phoenix Installations, in Orlando, Florida says,
“If it weren’t for how easy it is to use TaskKlock, I would have no way to realize where I don’t make money. TaskKlock offers me greater benefits than any program I could have bought off the shelf, and the payment plan we arranged made it easy for me to afford TaskKlock with my cash flow.”
Greg Diaz, Millworks, CA says,
“I’m probably saving 5–10 hours a week in productive time just with the payroll feature.”
Tammy Grantham, Pegasi, AZ says,
“Workers used to stand around and] recreate a week’s activity the morning payroll was due.”
Debbie Hernandez, Pegasi, AZ says,
“I need hard, tangible data. Without having this job cost information, estimating is for nothing.”
Peter DeChar, Brooklyn, NY says,
“Our TaskKlock computer just died. How do we get it back running?” (This was after five years using TaskKlock without ever contacting us for support.)

Managers like the detailed reports that allow them to compare actual hours to estimates. The wide variety of detailed job costing and productivity reports allows performance-based rewards for employees, and puts some responsibility for profits back on the shop floor. The job status report shows actual performance compared to your bid, allowing you to immediately respond.

Admins like the ease of doing payroll because they get accurate job cost data without hassling employees to fill out their timesheets. The improvements in productivity create more cash to pay bills faster.

Employees like the ease of an ATM-like touchscreen. Training takes just minutes. Your employees get immediate feedback on how they are doing on a particular job, compared to estimates.

Jobshops know that they are only as profitable as their bids. And they know that labor on a job is what makes or breaks the company. TaskKlock’s time and task activity tracking software helps with both bids and labor because job costing is accurate. Another benefit is that your customer invoices will contain highly credible logs of time spent on the job, reducing billing questions.

The changeover to TaskKlock in your shop takes just a few hours. We pre-load your custom data, travel to your shop for installation and training. You and your employees learn in minutes. And we’re always just a phone call away.

With our painless financing plans, why would you put off saving money?

Call us today so you can make more money and save more time.

• Generate accurate bids from real job costs, not guesstimates.
• Oversee job status in real time.
• Motivate your employees with real performance data.
• Save minutes per employee per day by cutting timesheet guesswork.